About Us

SWE++ is a new committee under the Society of Women Engineers that strives to give local middle school girls access to the field of computer science and inspire them to pursue computer science as a career. The gender gap within the technology workspace is a pressing issue, and SWE++ wants to pave the path for these young girls to feel comfortable and suited for careers in technology.

What We Do

Piloted under the UC Berkeley chapter, this organization holds a ten-week programming course that encourages the development of a female computer science community and teaches students the foundations of Python.

In addition to offering this course, the Berkeley chapter also hosts a Tech Day at the end of the semester in which 100 girls from the Berkeley and Oakland area come to participate in four engineering workshops ranging from learning to use arduinos to creating their own website.

After a successful pilot semester, SWE++ is expanding to other SWE chapters across the country. We are looking forward to on-boarding the new clubs and making computer science more accessible to girls from all across the nation!


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Tech Day

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